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Annual Award


What is "Premio Maestro 100 Puntos"?

"Maestro 100 Puntos" is an award and initiative driven by Empresarios por la Educación Guatemala, in conjunction with universities, foundations, corporations, development institutions, media, international institutions,  supported by the Minstry of Education.

The award aims to honor the teaching, recognition of the best practices in the classroom, motivate teachers, systematize and disseminate possitive experiences in the learning area in order to be replicated.

Brief History

The award was first launched in Guatemala in 2006, in response to several studies on education which suggested little social value for the teaching profession in Guatemala, and the need to create incentives to motivate good performance in the classroom.

This iniciatives development was advised by the Program for Promotion of Educational Reform in Latin America and the Carribean -PREAL-.  Similar experiences in Latinamerica were also included, such as "Premio Profesor Nota 10", organized by Fundación Vitor Civita, in Brasil and "Premio Compartir al Maestro", promoted by Fundación Compartir, in Colombia.

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